Welcoming Customers

Great article on new customer onboarding communication from the Highrise team which describes techniques they use, such as:

  • Keeping email drip campaign content fresh, relevant and personal every day
  • Creating a system to encourage direct replies to automated emails
  • Using personalization like this:

Did you read the quote from the user?

“I can’t believe this is real…”


Do your customers or prospects ever say that?

It takes work to be creative, but interactions like these differentiate you from your competitors – in any industry. Find a way to make it happen and you’re sure to reap the benefits.

This is customer experience innovation, and I’d argue it’s every bit as critical to customer retention as product innovation.

Impersonal drip email campaigns are exhausting (I just unsubscribed from one this morning). But personalized communications are refreshing, and in fact, we’ll gravitate toward them.

Let’s stop hammering our users with boring, tired content, and start giving them something to anticipate. Be unique and give them a reason to engage with you over all the other noise in their day.

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