Who am I?

About Jay Nathan

I have been in the software industry for 16 years where I began as a software engineer. As time passed, I evolved my career into customer-facing and product executive roles in privately held, VC-backed and publicly traded tech firms.profile_san_fran

Through the years I have held roles with responsibility for customer success, client services, account management, sales, product management, engineering and customer support. I’ve built and operated teams of up to 100 employees across multiple functions and countries.

This set of experiences has given me unique insight into issues affecting every part of a SaaS business. As a result I’ve developed a repeatable method of establishing alignment and reliable customer ops execution.

I love SaaS businesses, and take particular pride in partnering with sales to achieve customer success-driven growth. This happens in three ways:

  1. Retaining customers longer
  2. Up selling and cross selling existing customers
  3. Building customer advocacy and referenceability which drives news sales

These achievements don’t happen by accident. I believe a SaaS company must be aligned around these objectives, across all functions, to maximize its chances of thriving in a crowded marketplace.

That means that Customer Success and Operations must maintain tight alignment with every function of the business; Marketing, sales, product, engineering, service, success, finance, HR are all intrinsically linked and dependent upon one another in a recurring revenue business.

My passion is helping SaaS companies utilize customer success as a revenue growth strategy. I work with boards, CEO’s, operational executives, and their teams on a weekly basis to advise, build and execute this vision.

I am based in Charleston, SC and work with clients globally. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you in near future.

Jay Nathan
Founder, Customer Imperative